Travel guilt / La culpabilité du voyage

I love travelling. I always have from what I can remember. The journey itself, day dreaming, discovering new places. Making up stories and getting lost in other cities, where nobody knew me. Looking at the sky from another angle and feeling every detail because you are paying attention. Getting out of my comfort zone. 

Being away from my everyday life gives me a sense of thrill and a new found “let it go” attitude, one I fail to find in everyday life. Travel also gives me an immense feeling of being present. Travel bring me so much joy... But.

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Cloé Auneau
30 before 30 / 30 avant 30 ans

One day I’ll tell you the story of how I ended up creating Un si beau monde which is a combination of going with the flow and being really really focused on my goals and this is what we are going to set here: goals, dreams, things to be, feel, do before I turn 30. To grasp time and make the most of it. To live. Let’s go? Discover my 30 before 30 list!

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