30 before 30


In a years time I’ll turn 30, in fact on this exact day I’ll be 30 + 1 day. I’m not afraid by age. Quite the opposite actually. I’m growing happier and happier each year and I wouldn’t really like to go back 10 years when I had no idea who I was but trying to fake it. I like this comfortable feeling of not knowing where I am heading or even what I am doing but having the opportunity to go with the flow and just enjoy what is coming my way.

But if there’s one thing I got from those lived years (quite the sentence), it’s that time flies. It just dissolves in the air, so quickly. I am learning to be present, to make the most of that time. And in order to do that, I have found 'to do' lists quite helpful.

You’ll tell me that it’s not logical with me saying “go with the flow”, well, let me explain. Going with the flow is accepting the currents of life, like a boat cannot go against storms or even absence of wind, but you’re still the captain (of your soul!) so giving an aim, choosing it consciously, will get you to your destination, or better, if you follow the flow. What with the sea metaphors? The sea is huge, as is our life, destinations are plenty, we can change our minds, but there are some places you want to explore more, maybe to settle or just for a short period of time.

Enough chat, let’s dig in it. One day I’ll tell you the story of how I ended up creating Un si beau monde which is a combination of going with the flow and being really really focused on my goals and this is what we are going to set here: goals, dreams, things to be, feel, do before I turn 30. To grasp time and make the most of it. To live. Let’s go? Discover my 30 before 30 lists!


  • Impulsive, follow my feelings and guts rather than mind from time to time

  • Happy - really, I’m learning and it’s part of the enjoy life plan

  • A minimalist - reducing my goods but also not buying and being conscious

  • Down sometimes, and I accept it, even if there are no reasons, it’s an emotion crossing my path


  • Write every day

  • Write - aka finish - one book, it’s been an ongoing one for the past how many years

  • Publish a book - not entirely in my hands but trying!

  • Know more about my family history

  • Meet new people

  • See my friends more - I tend to stay home, and avoid planning which doesn’t help when your friends live everywhere

  • Do more for the planet - and discuss it, raise awareness - I think it’s one of the goals of this blog

  • And volunteer - for the planet or migrants. To give my time to something worthwhile

  • Splits (at least one) - I know, terribly down to earth but well, can’t help the 8 years old in me

  • Pincha - same as above, but my teacher training in India might help for this!

Travel (of course)

(even if my green eco side is really upset about flying)

  • Going to India - I’m cheating, it’s half planned already but it’s been an ongoing dream for years!

  • Road trip in a van - not long, not far, but experiencing the van lifestyle would be much fun!

  • See an aurora borealis - I will have to leave France for this, but it would be an absolute magical sight

  • See more of France - my country is beautiful, and there are many places I wish to explore!

  • Travel alone - cheating again, I’ll be alone in India for a month!

  • One family vacation - one can always dream!


  • Own a yoga and creative studio - not necessarily a physical place

  • Make a living out of Un si beau Monde

  • Organize at least one event around yoga and wellbeing

  • Build at least one partnership with my creative studio

  • Get out of my comfort zone at least once a week: goodbye impostor syndrome


  • Meet Emma Watson - aim for the moon, they say, you might end up in the stars -

  • Surprise someone by realizing one of their dreams

  • Spend a weekend without a phone

  • Start planning to buy the house of my dreams (with my partner in crime of course)

  • Let myself be surprised by life! 

Some of these are small and some are big, some are forthcoming and others far from even starting. It can be an impressive list but all these ideas are very important to me. How to reach it? In a few days I’ll share with you, in an article, a workshop I went to and made me realize so many things about owning your life, but to start: I’ll break these big goals in smaller steps, and baby steps after baby steps I’ll make it, I have no doubts about it.

Let’s see in a years time where I am with this - a reminder is set in my Google agenda!

And you, what are your 30 before 30? Or goals for the next 365 days?

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