4 agreements to make with yourself

Are you on a path to a better life? Do you want to feel serenity and need to get back to what really matters? Do you sometimes get trapped in your dark thoughts?

Well, I was exactly the same. After a dinner with friend I would always think about each things I said, worrying I had not been my best self. I’d feel guilty for nothing and say nasty things without even giving it a thought. But deep down I knew something wasn’t quite right. And when the anxiety kicked in and wouldn’t leave, when I started thinking I needed to change something I discover 4 agreements, 4 simple agreements to make with myself and that really changed the game in being a better person, little by little, and feeling happier.

Do you know the Toltec agreements?

4 agreements you make with yourself for a more serene, beautiful and kind life, it really changed my perspective on things and is a great tool for the mind & soul.

The first of these 4 agreements is “Be impeccable with your words”, being kind and thoughtful in our words make the reality more beautiful and makes us avoid doing ugly... so why not following this advice during this year?

Second of the four agreements is « Don't take anything personally. », and this is a precious one. When the first one advise us to be careful with what we say, this one is about not taking what is told to us to harshly. Of course feedback is always important, but whenever someone says something hurtful it is more about who they are and how they feel than anything else. Just let it go without landing on you…


Is this bee bothering you? This bee is yours, ours assumptions. Who hasn’t created stories in their minds from a single word, the absence of a word or a “.” in a text? I must say those thoughts developed my imagination but also brought me incredible pain and heartache... when it was just thoughts i created. So when I encountered the 3rd of the Toltec Agreements it literally changed my life. “Do Not make assumptions”, you can’t read mind, I can’t either, if something is bugging you just ask, kindly. Don’t overthink it. 
Again, this changed my life.

Fourth and last of the 4 agreements is « Always do your best », a real guide for everyday life. Doing your best means achieving more, reaching more goals, it also mean less criticism from your inside judge. The most important part of this agreement in my eyes is that doing your best can vary from a day to another, it’s accepting what’s the best today might not be as good as tomorrow’s best… It’s being demanding with yourself but also understanding. Do your best, just that, not more, not less.

And to dig deeper read the book The four agreements by don Miguel Ruiz !

“If you can see yourself as an artist, and you can see that your life is your own creation, then why not create the most beautiful story for yourself?”
— Don Miguel Ruiz
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