Yoga studio

A journey to yourself.

I discovered yoga a long time ago. Through a book. Yes I am a book worm. A nervous one. And I thought yoga would be good for me. At that time I didn’t really stick to a practice. But it stayed in a corner of my mind and I often went back to it, without really dipping in it.

I travelled, finished my studies and arrived in Paris. city of light but also subways, noise and stress. And I took on my first job. A crazy one. In 2015 I needed something to help me, to support me. I jumped on my first 30 days yoga challenge. I was literally rolling out of bed onto the floor, no yoga mat at that time, to practice. I was addicted.

I realized how good it was for me. To deal with my emotion, to go with the flow and let go. Since January 2015 my practice has been more and more important to me. To the point people who really know me can tell when I have been practicing and when I have been ditching it.

It changed me, for the better. And I want to share that. That’s why I took the opportunity to go on a journey to India in 2019 and start my path as a teacher. To bring beauty in daily life. Are you coming with me?


A wisdom tale

An old legend says that there was a time when all Human beings were gods. But they weren’t always good. So Brahma decided to take this power away and hide it.

He asked the other gods where would be the best place.

We could bury it, they said.

It won’t be enough said Brahma, humans are going to dig and find it.

Let’s hide it at the bottom of the ocean.

No, Brahma answered, men will explore the depths of the oceans and will find it.

Gods didn’t have any other idea of where to hide it because there is no place on earth or under the water that men can’t explore.

And Brahma said that he was going to hide men’s divinity in themselves as it will be the only place they won’t even be thinking of searching.

Ever since humans explore, climb, dive and dig to find something that is inside of them.

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